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Making dreames come true - with elephants.


Why do my team and I work with so much passion for and with elephants?

On the one hand, we want to give you, our guests, the opportunity to fulfill your long awaited desire to get as close as possible to this womderful animal and to enjoy the unique experience as intensively as possible.

On the other hand, we try to guide an animal that has been working with people for more than 6,000 years and is probably the most revered animal in human history, into the 21st century.

Our approach is based in the determination to create a symbiosis between traditional ideas, which can be centuries old, and the growing demands of modern times. In our opinion, the protection of elephants can only work through the protection of the people who work with them. Their work can earn them a steady income and thus ensure the pachyderms a sustainable future.

Changes are importan - Elephant Special Tours walks new paths as well. Starting in January 2016 short trips will be available that concentrate to present our beloved animals as upclose as possible. Elephant riding will not be part of this program, but other tours include this important aspect of Asian elephant keeping.

Our focus is to create good living conditions for the animals. Only living conditions that are based on the natural environmental conditions of the elephants can create satisfaction - for both humans and animals. Together we live and work for that dream.




Bodo Jens Förster
Founder / Owner of
Elephant Special Tours



Das sagen die Anderen


 "Förster Konzept, Tourismus mit Tierschutz zu verbinden, funktioniert hervorragend."


 "Vertrauen fassen. Einfach machen. Und sich danach schön leicht fühlen."


 "Alles Glück dieser Erde liegt auf dem Rücken der Pferde? Von wegen."

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