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Your entire family is excited about Asia and would love to get to know these wonderful grey giants?

Come on over – we’ll gently introduce both adults and children to the magnificent creatures!

We have years of experience in facilitating interaction between children and elephants and always stay close to your family!

Children love elephants

Since elephants are incredibly fascinating and interesting, especially for children, parents often want to offer their little ones something unique, like a visit to our camp. Understandably, there are initial questions: Is my child too young to interact with the gentle giants? Are the on-site conditions suitable for conducting a child-friendly program? Which specific aspects should a family consider? “How is the support provided by the Elephant Special Tours team? For these and similar questions, we have compiled a small catalog that hopefully can address the most important and pressing inquiries. For further information, we are available by phone or email:
Possible from 3 years old
Children can generally participate in Elephant Special Tours’ program from around the age of three.
Own elephant
Like our adult participants, children also get their own elephant for the duration of the riding tours. For additional safety, the elephant handler (Mahout) sits behind the child to intervene if needed.
Which tours are suitable?
The Elephant Baby Day (1 day), Elephant Encounter (2 days), Elephants-Upclose-Tour (3 days), and the Elephant Bonding Tour (5 days) can be adjusted to be child-friendly. Due to the significant cultural information involved, the Elephant Handling Course is not recommended for children under 12 years old.
Is there a discount for children?
Children under 13 years old receive a 20% discount off the price indicated for the tours.

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