At Elephant Special Tours, we wholeheartedly advocate for elephants. Every moment spent with them is memorable, and over the years, there have been many such moments.

We’ve also created various opportunities to immerse the elephants’ world and to be reminded of these magnificent creatures even after your stay.

Here, you’ll find a truly special selection: in addition to various printed items, Bodo Jens Förster’s autobiography and the children’s book designed by Nadja Grass and Roger Förster are also available for purchase.
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Bodo Förster:

Ein Leben für die Elefanten

The fascinating story behind

Dive into the fascinating life story of Bodo Förster and embark on a journey from the East German zoo in Berlin to his own elephant project in the mountains of Northern Thailand.

How a big dream became a wonderful reality, and the incredible highs and lows the Elephant Man experienced along the way, pouring his heart and soul into advocating for Asian elephants, is exclusively detailed in his book.

Nadja Grass & Roger Förster:

Henry – And how he became the Happiest Elephant in the World

A children’s book for young and old, suitable for ages 3 and up

In distant Thailand lives the little elephant, Henry. But the river has dried up! Now, the entire elephant family has no water left for bathing and drinking. Henry might be the smallest, but he hatches a brave plan. All alone, he sets out to search for water for his family. Fortunately, he has animal friends who help him on the long journey. Thus, he ultimately becomes the happiest elephant in the world.

Henry’s story encourages taking new paths and not shying away from significant challenges even at a young age.

In the following shop for elephant lovers, you’ll find T-shirts and more, printed with specially designed motifs. The products are printed and shipped by the online provider ‘Spreadshirt’. All proceeds, excluding production costs, go to the German association ‘Tong Bai Elephant e.V.’, which supports the Thailand based Tong Bai Foundation.

We’ve digitized the footprints of our elephants and put them on T-shirts, so you can choose your favorite. All available footprints come in two colors: light and dark. Two versions are available for both men (variants: regular and slim fit) and women (variants: rolled sleeve and V-neck).

If you have any other requests that can be fulfilled within the Spreadshirt shop, we look forward to receiving a message from you. Customized colors for the print and other products like bags, hoodies, etc., are also possible upon request.

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