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Would you like to find out more about our tours? Or do you have questions about Thai visa regulations? Here are the answers. We are also happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Is malaria prophylaxis necessary?
The area where our camp is located is not considered a malaria risk area. Prophylaxis is not necessary. However, it helps to consult your doctor for more information before you travel.
Which vaccinations are recommended?
In general, important vaccinations such as tetanus, typhoid, hepatitis A & B and diphtheria should be refreshed. In any case, advice should be sought from your family doctor and attention should be paid to information from the public health department.
What clothing is needed?
“In the camp, clothing is recommended that can do one thing above all: get dirty. T-shirts, comfortable and durable pants and trekking sandals / Crocs have proven their worth. You have the option of purchasing shirts with the Elephant Special Tours logo and so-called mahout pants, which are specially designed for use with elephants.
Do I need to bring money and in what currency?

The Thai currency is baht – the exchange rate depends on the day and fluctuates between 36 baht and 38 baht for 1 euro and around 32 to 34 THB per US Dollar. Elephant Special Tours’ trips include full board, but you should have sufficient cash available for tips, gifts for home and the possible consumption of drinks other than drinking water. You can exchange or withdraw money from your account in any major city, but unfortunately this is not possible in our small valley. Unfortunately, payment by credit card is not possible.

What are the visa requirements?
Currently, EU citizens and Swiss citizens do not need to apply for a visa for stays in Thailand of up to 30 days. As for other countries of origin please check with legal authorities. For stays of up to 3 months, a tourist visa, which can be applied for at Thai consulates, is required. Important: The passport MUST be valid for up to 6 months after leaving Thailand. Children must have their own passport.
What is the weather like in the area around the camp?
Mae Sapok, the place where our camp is located, is situated in the mountains at an altitude of around 500 meters. Northern Thailand’s subtropical climate is characterized by three major seasons. The rainy season runs from May to early November. With temperatures of up to 32°C in the shade, rainfall can be frequent, but unlike in southern Thailand, it rarely has a real monsoon character. November to mid-February is the cold season, with mild temperatures of up to 25°C during the day, but it can get very chilly at night (approx. 7°C) – warm clothing is strongly recommended. The hot season lasts from February to the end of April, peaking around the Thai New Year festival Songhkran in early/mid-April. Temperatures of up to 42°C can be reached during months of almost exclusively bright sunshine.
What about insurance cover?
During your stay with Elephant Special Tours you will receive free accident insurance cover. However, foreign travel insurance is also recommended.
Unfortunately, we do not offer travel cancellation insurance as this is a Thai company and such insurance does not apply in other countries. However, travel agencies do offer such insurance.
Can I also take part in the tours as a solo traveler?
Our long tours (Elephant Handling Course, Elephant Bonding Tour) are carried out regardless of the group size – with a maximum capacity of up to 8 people. There is a single traveler surcharge of 20% for people traveling alone. It is also possible to take part in the short tours (Elephant Baby Day, Elephant Encounter, Elephant Up Close Tour) as a solo traveler. Please contact us if required.
From what age can children take part in the travel program?
In principle, children can take part in the Elephant Special Tours program from the age of around three. If it is a riding tour, each child will be provided with their own elephant, just like the adult participants. For additional safety, the elephant guide (mahout) sits directly behind the child and intervenes if necessary. Children up to the age of 13 receive a 20% discount on the advertised price.
Are other travel modules possible apart from the tours offered?
For customized tours, please contact Elephant Special Tours personally. Of course we try to fulfill your wishes in the best possible way.
What physical condition should I be in to take part in the program?
No special physical requirements are necessary to take part in the Elephant Special Tours program. Customers of all ages and physical statures have been satisfied with the tours so far. However, you should know your body best and be prepared to spend several days in the Thai forest riding on the back of the largest land mammal or walking alongside it. We are of course available to answer any questions you may have.
What about mosquito protection?
Mosquitoes are omnipresent in northern Thailand as well as in the rest of the country. Mosquito nets are installed in our accommodation. Mosquito spray is definitely recommended for excursions and tours in the camp.
Is it possible to take photos during the tour?
Capturing memories of such a special vacation in pictures is just as much a part of Elephant Special Tours’ program as the individual care of our guests. In order that you can concentrate on your elephant during your stay in the camp, our trained staff will take over the camera for this time and capture special moments.
What other precautions should I take?
With a lot of anticipation for what is to be experienced and the unconditional will to get involved with the great pachyderms, nothing should stand in the way of an unforgettable stay with Elephant Special Tours.
Are there any religious particularities that need to be taken into account?

On our excursions we also visit Buddhist temples, where special rules have to be regarded, which we of course explain in detail in advance.

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