The Elephant Footprint

  • For Free: A T-Shirt with the footprint of “your” elephant
  • Printed by hand
  • Remembering in a special way

Taking memories into everyday life

One will undoubtedly experience unique impressions when visiting the elephants of Elephant Special Tours. Photos taken during your stay can capture those moments that make these magnificent animals so unique. So that you have something tangible that comes directly from our elephants, we’ve taken the idea of the elephant footprint to heart.

Each guest receives their own T-shirt from us, which they can personally print with the footprint of their chosen elephant.

Since we don’t want our elephants to step in paint continuously, we’ve created a negative imprint using regular clay, which we then filled with silicone. This way, we always have the imprints ready to create a very special keepsake of our animals for you.