• Important pilgrimage site for Thai Buddhists
  • 309 steps long staircase to the temple
  • Magnificent view over northern Thailand’s metropolis
  • Legend has it that there is a Buddha relic on site

The most important temple in northern Thailand

Situated on Doi Suthep Mountain, this temple is one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Northern Thailand. Blessed with a magnificent view over the northern Thai metropolis of Chiang Mai, a religious center has developed since the 14th century, which has achieved world fame with its golden stupa. Legend has it that a part of Buddha’s shoulder bone was attached to the back of a white elephant at the behest of the king of the long-gone kingdom of Lan Na. This elephant ran up the mountain now known as Doi Suthep, where it unfortunately died. The temple was built on the site of his collapse in his honor and because his path was seen as an omen.

There are 309 steps to climb from the foot of the temple – or you can comfortably take the cog railway. At the top you not only have a great view. While the walls bring the history of Buddha to life through drawings, the replica of the famous Emerald Buddha in Bangkok and the marble Buddha on the other side of the chedi are also a feast for the eyes.

Copy of the Emerald Buddha in the Wat Doi Suthep temple