Wat Luang – in Mae Win, Chiang Mai

  • approx. 700 years old
  • off the beaten track
  • Spectacular facility in the midst of untouched nature
  • magnificent Buddha figures carved from teak wood

An oasis of Buddhist tranquillity

Wat Luang is a temple that is rarely visited by tourists. Well, even finding it is not easy, as it lies in the middle of the forest. It can only be reached via a small mountain path. We present this gem of Buddhism with many explanations of the founding myth and the temple’s eventful history. Unique relics were created over 700 years ago.

A 20-meter-high Buddha carved from a single teak trunk is just as spectacular as a reclining wooden Buddha enthroned in front of a beautifully carved wooden wall. Huge trees line the temple, which has a few more surprises in store.

What is probably most fascinating, however, is the unique spirituality that this place radiates: a tranquillity that is only interrupted by birdsong, which can be heard in few other places. Monks who can perform their prayers in an environment away from the outside world. And then there is this one special tree.

Spectacular: Buddha statue made from a teak trunk