Wat Hui Thong – Tempel of the 1000 Buddhas

  • The temple, lying dormant for a long time, was reconstructed in 1999.
  • Buddha representations in various forms: towering golden Buddhas as well as wall frescoes or particularly unique sculptures.
  • Special Karen approaches to the Buddhist faith
  • Spectacular views over the mountains of Northern Thailand

Buddha representations unlike anywhere else.

Another Buddhist temple that is unlike all the other temples. Several centuries old, it lay dormant for many years and was completely rebuilt from scratch in 1999. However, this doesn’t mean that the builders have forgotten the past. Thus, through meticulous craftsmanship, an intriguing blend of modernity and history was created, unlike anything seen elsewhere. Enormous golden Buddha statues alternate with depictions of the founder of the religion, rarely seen elsewhere.

Moreover, the temple boasts a unique view over the valleys of the Mae Sapok River. One highlight is undoubtedly the secondary name of the temple: ‘The Place of 1000 Buddhas.’ With the help of Belgian art students, countless faces of the enlightened one were depicted on the rock walls, which is also a remarkable and unique feature.

Lastly, a walkable Buddha statue was completed, towering over 40 meters in height, visible from afar due to its colossal size. As the outside the inside holds surprises that are truly unique.

Special Buddha in Chiang Mai